Sunday, 30 January 2011

My weekend has been really good! I have started talking to someone again, who i realised i missed greatly. So that made me happy :) I have been chillin with the man himself since lastnight, gym this morning then went to watch rugby. Although i did freeze my ass off stood on that field haha.
I go to Austria on saturday :D I am so excited its actually mad lol. I am gunna be chillin harddddd with some of my best friends. What could be better ey? Cant wait for a week away. Although no matter how excited i am...a part of me is dreading leaving home for the week. Oh well, it'll be a grand experience :D
Tarrahhhhh Biznatches

Thursday, 13 January 2011

So, same old same old. College was pointless, got half way through biology and the fire alarm went off. Then had a sub teacher for psychology, and we got sent home early beacause nobody was working. Wow!
My best friend Ryan took me for a cruise because he passed his test this morning, that was strange, but amazingly cool aswell!
And my night has been made 1000 times better by a lovely conversation with a special person i call Lucinda darling (: She cheered me up with a silly video, and a nice talk about near enough everything.
So thats it, i will hopefully come up with something more interesting sometime soon. But i am keeping to my oath, forced upon me by Abby.
Peeeeeeeeeace out Xx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So i'm starting fresh, no more skipping college, although i hope i wont be there much longer to suffer the consequences of my missed lessons. In my defence, i think i have a valid reason to not be there some of the time. All this family stuff really isn't easy! Lets be honest, whitby is shit anyway, and i cant wait to get out and meet new people! On the upside i am looking forward to tomorrow, if my plans go...well, to plan, i should have a half decent day with one of my greatest friends :) Also i have a chat with my Abby booked in for tomorrow to cheer her up. Pitched watching snooker highlights now so im all good for the night. I think some of the little problems from last year are drifting away and leaving me alone, so thats always a good thing. And i do believe you will all be bored by now, so im gunna enjoy my snooker.
G'night one and all Xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Day (original much?) first one, written completely by me. Biology exam first thing this morning was pretty darn horrid! And quite hard, think i did shit but oh well, whats done is done ey?!?! I then went into town with the good man Theo Smith and got pummeled at pool, i am ashamed to say i got thrashed 7-1 :( But it was all okay when i got home and watched some snooker (downer that Rocket Ronnie O'sullivan lost), and my best friend Abby came round to cheer me up with her beautifulness and all round amazingness. She is good at cheering me up, hense the reason why i'm doing this for her more than anything lol.

But oh my god, cant actually say how excited i am for the weekend, 2 days learning to snowboard in Xscape, followed by a week on the Austrian slopes gives me a "light" at the end of this long dark tunnel that is my home life at the moment. Sorry to dampen the mood, but its hard to escape isn't it really.
Good job i have my Abby to make me smile every morning when i get my text (: So thats about it for my day today, Maybe update you all tomorrow ey :) You stay classy San Diego Xx


Hi. Im Jack,and i'm sixteen. I live in whitby, and im only blogging because my best friend Abby blackmailed me (lol). Shes really cool, and beautiful and she looks nice all of the time. She is amazing, and every one loves her. She is mint. She doesn't look like beyonce, or a pig slave, and doesn't have the body of either. Yeahh. She isn't weird. At all. K. And just for the sake of Theo not piping up, he's alright i suppose.
MINT. Here is a picture of someone. LOL.

Theo just gave me a nod. With his little mini afro he's growing right there. This is an oath,  that i'm going to write on here everyday. And talk about how mint Abbss is. I will obvvv blog after the gym, but for now, stay safe, hang loose, and avoid the drizzle.
Jack xx