Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi. Im Jack,and i'm sixteen. I live in whitby, and im only blogging because my best friend Abby blackmailed me (lol). Shes really cool, and beautiful and she looks nice all of the time. She is amazing, and every one loves her. She is mint. She doesn't look like beyonce, or a pig slave, and doesn't have the body of either. Yeahh. She isn't weird. At all. K. And just for the sake of Theo not piping up, he's alright i suppose.
MINT. Here is a picture of someone. LOL.

Theo just gave me a nod. With his little mini afro he's growing right there. This is an oath,  that i'm going to write on here everyday. And talk about how mint Abbss is. I will obvvv blog after the gym, but for now, stay safe, hang loose, and avoid the drizzle.
Jack xx

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