Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Day (original much?)

So...my first one, written completely by me. Biology exam first thing this morning was pretty darn horrid! And quite hard, think i did shit but oh well, whats done is done ey?!?! I then went into town with the good man Theo Smith and got pummeled at pool, i am ashamed to say i got thrashed 7-1 :( But it was all okay when i got home and watched some snooker (downer that Rocket Ronnie O'sullivan lost), and my best friend Abby came round to cheer me up with her beautifulness and all round amazingness. She is good at cheering me up, hense the reason why i'm doing this for her more than anything lol.

But oh my god, cant actually say how excited i am for the weekend, 2 days learning to snowboard in Xscape, followed by a week on the Austrian slopes gives me a "light" at the end of this long dark tunnel that is my home life at the moment. Sorry to dampen the mood, but its hard to escape isn't it really.
Good job i have my Abby to make me smile every morning when i get my text (: So thats about it for my day today, Maybe update you all tomorrow ey :) You stay classy San Diego Xx

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