Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So i'm starting fresh, no more skipping college, although i hope i wont be there much longer to suffer the consequences of my missed lessons. In my defence, i think i have a valid reason to not be there some of the time. All this family stuff really isn't easy! Lets be honest, whitby is shit anyway, and i cant wait to get out and meet new people! On the upside i am looking forward to tomorrow, if my plans go...well, to plan, i should have a half decent day with one of my greatest friends :) Also i have a chat with my Abby booked in for tomorrow to cheer her up. Pitched watching snooker highlights now so im all good for the night. I think some of the little problems from last year are drifting away and leaving me alone, so thats always a good thing. And i do believe you will all be bored by now, so im gunna enjoy my snooker.
G'night one and all Xx

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